We are completely equipped to undertake all the administrative needs of your community with our dedication to continuing education and responsive customer service.

  • Receive phone calls and correspondence from unit owners/homeowners
  • Correspond with owners regarding association’s rules and regulations
  • Receive homeowner requests, requests for additions, receive complaints and resolve problems and/or approve requests
  • Obtain legal advice for association decisions/actions
  • Maintain association correspondence, minutes, records
  • Plan, organize, attend and oversee board meetings and annual election meetings
  • Create meeting agendas
  • Provide guidance to the Board of Directors on procedures, operations and unique challenges
  • Generate copies for the Association of all documents on the Association’s behalf
  • Produce, coordinate, print and mail mass mailings, notices and newsletters
  • Maintain roster of current unit owners, tenants, second addresses, telephone numbers and previous owners
  • Provide storage of Association files
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