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Building and Propery Maintenance

Daily Support


Associated Property Management LLC is a full-service management company, serving condominium, cluster and homeowner associations exclusively. We are sensitive to the desires of associations to maintain the integrity of their physical plant while simultaneously controlling costs. Hence, APM is committed to preventative maintenance programs and long-term financial planning. We are also aware that a management company provides continuity for the Association during transitions in board membership. In this regard, we actively work to educate each new board member to his or her respective duties and to the administrative history of the Association.


  • Collect maintenance fees, maintain owner records
  • Prepare monthly financial reports including annual budget and comparisons of actual vs. budget expense
  • Manage income, prepare checks for invoice payment
  • Investigate and contract for insurance policies
  • Assist Association’s accountant in preparation of State and Federal income taxes
  • Provide escrow information when home changes hands
  • Manage all aspects of accounts payable and receivable
  • Create and prepare budgets for the Board of Directors’ review and approval
  • Associated Property Management has access to accept credit card payments as a substitute to owner payment processing
  • Associated Property Management will act as the liaison with legal counsel on behalf of the association pertaining to collection and enforcement


  • Receive phone calls and correspondence from unit owners/homeowners
  • Correspond with owners regarding association’s rules and regulations
  • Receive homeowner requests, requests for additions, receive complaints and resolve problems and/or approve requests
  • Obtain legal advice for association decisions/actions
  • Maintain association correspondence, minutes, records
  • Plan, organize, attend and oversee board meetings and annual election meetings
  • Generate and write meeting agendas
  • Provide guidance to the Board of Directors on procedures, operations and unique challenges
  • Make copies for the Association of all documents on the Association’s behalf
  • Produce, coordinate, print and mail mass mailings, notices and newsletters
  • Maintain roster of current unit owners, tenants, second addresses, telephone numbers and previous owners
  • Provide storage of Association files

Building and Property Maintenance

Provide 24-hour emergency service: If the “Contact” person is not available, a qualified team member will respond to each call

  • Establish specifications and seek contractual compliance for building and concrete maintenance, landscape and snow removal maintenance
  • Identify maintenance projects and establish priority and availability of funds for projects
  • Keep records of completed repair and maintenance
  • Research and determine cost-effective and long-term solutions for ongoing preventative maintenance problems
  • Identify, supervise and follow up with contractors
  • Monitor that all contractor work is being performed according to contract specifications
  • Perform a predetermined number of site visits to the property by a specially trained property manager
  • Provide guidance and supervision to all Association employees and contractors within the parameters of the management agreement

Daily Support to Board Members

Volunteering to serve on an Association Board is a generous investment of your time and effort to your community. Because high performance Boards can accomplish more together than all the individual homeowners can apart, Associated Property Management promises to commit our resources and years of experience to serve you and your community.  This is a brief overview of the many ways our professional management company can assist the Board of Directors with its responsibilities. We can help the Board:

  • Set Clear Goals
  • Practice Open and Clear Communication
  • Implement Effective Decision Making
  • Encourage Balanced Participation
  • Create a Positive Atmosphere
  • Instill Cooperative Relationships


  • Assist the Board of Directors and the Association’s attorney in securing Amendments to the Documents
  • Coordinate and execute the Association’s Annual Meetings according to their By-Laws
  • Provide bidding services to the Association according to the Board’s specifications
  • Create and prepare budgets for the Board of Directors’ review and approval
  • Perform ongoing planned and impromptu visits to the property according to the Management Agreement
  • Support the Board of Directors with their annual insurance bidding
  • Provide guidance and supervision to all Association employees and contractors within the parameters of the management agreement
  • Provide a brief summary, or Manager’s Report, on past activities and future issues related to the Association


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